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Weld Mesh Fencing

Weld mesh fencing is a versatile fencing system widely used in a variety of areas including commercial and industrial sites, agriculture, building, transportation, sports, leisure, play areas,  etc.

Preston Fencing is able to  offer numerous weld mesh fencing options including various colours and sizes, a choice of materials such as stainless steel wire, copper wire, brass wire, or high quality low carbon steel wire, and the fencing can come galvanised or coated in PVC.

Benefits to weld mesh fencing systems include the strong, safe design making it vandal proof and difficult to climb. It can be installed on any terrain and in any location and can be adapted to work alongside other security measures such as CCTV camera and lighting. All our weld mesh fencing systems come with full guarantees and the system is ideal anywhere that security and durability is important.

Print Friendly Specification sheets:

Peart Masterview Linear Peart Masterview Linear
Peart Masterview Profile Peart Masterview Profile
Peart Masterview Twin Peart Masterview Twin
Peart Masterview 358 Peart Masterview 358
Betta Evolution– Welded Security Mesh System Betta Evolution
Betta Extreme – High Security Welded Mesh System Betta Extreme
Betta Pro Mesh Flat System – Welded Security Mesh System Betta Pro Mesh Flat System
Betta Pro Sport Mesh System – Welded Security Mesh System Betta Pro Sport Mesh System
Betta Pro V Mesh System – Welded Security Mesh System Betta Pro V Mesh System

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Steel Palisade Fencing  

Steel palisade fencing is a popular high level security fence system available at an affordable cost. It has a wide number of uses and is popular amongst local authorities, schools, and commercial organisations needing industrial strength security.

Our steel palisade fencing always meets British Standards and is galvanised to BS729 to give long term weather resistance and long life cycle.

Benefits include the durability and long life expectancy of the system, its strength and ability to provide a physical and visible deterrent against intruders.

We offer steel palisade fencing with a variety of options including height, thickness. Our steel palisade fencing comes in both standard ‘D’ and ‘W’ type profiles and we offer a range of heads.

Palisade Fencing Types

Print Friendly Specification sheets:

Peart Palisade Fencing Peart Palisade Fencing
Betta Ultra – Steel Palisade Technology Betta Ultra Palisade Fencing

Paladin Fencing  

Paladin fencing is an innovative form of weld mesh fencing featuring pressed ‘V’ forms containing additional 4mm diameter wires for the full panel width adding strength and rigidity.

The panels for the fencing system are made out of galvanised wires and Preston fencing provide the fence system in various sizes and in either a green or black finish.

There are many benefits to Paladin fencing systems including its unique appearance offering aesthetic appeal, the ease with which it can be installed and the strength and security it provides. 

Paladin fencing is popular for a variety of uses including parks, schools, airports, utilities, public building, sports arenas, marinas, warehouses, factories, etc.

Acoustic Barrier Fencing, noise barrier fencing  

Noise has a great impact on our lives and it can become a serious problem when it is intrusive. Commercial organisations and public sector organisations have legal duty to manage noise pollution and minimise impact upon the public.

Preston fencing supply and fit a range of reflective and sound absorbent timber fencing systems. Our acoustic barriers act as a cost effective method of reducing noise nuisance whilst retaining a traditional aesthetic appearance through the use of natural materials.

Reflective barriers are designed to bounce sound waves back towards their source whilst absorbent barriers combine the aesthetics and sound reduction of the reflective system, with an absorbent layer on the reverse side. This gives the system a higher degree of sound absorption but at a higher cost.

Acoustic barriers are most commonly installed at areas where noise pollution needs to be managed such as highways, private housing, parks, industrial units, generator compounds, waste disposal facilities, etc.

Concrete Sectional Fencing  

Preston Fencing supplies, installs and maintains a full range of Concrete Section Fencing options including various posts from chain linked posts, strained wire posts, recessed posts, slotted posts, etc.

Whatever your requirement for concrete section fencing, Preston Fencing is your preferred supplier.

Agricultural Fencing / Livestock Fencing / Deer Fencing  

Agricultural or livestock fencing is one of the major costs when operating an agricultural property, farm or livestock business.

Preston Fencing supply and install all varieties of livestock and agricultural fencing which can be used for stock proofing, sub-division and setting boundaries for cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, etc.

Our agricultural fencing solutions includes woven wire fencing, barbed wire fencing, post and rail fencing, stock fencing, deer fencing and mesh wire fencing. These are just some of the fencing solutions we provide to agricultural customers and the products are available in various sizes and strengths..

Of particular note is the Deer fencing solutions we offer. Many companies do not like erecting deer fencing due to the amount of work involved, however Preston Fencing is confident in the quality and efficiency of our staff and are happy to supply you with all your deer fencing needs.

Temporary Fencing  

Preston Fencing supply a wide range of temporary fencing solutions including temporary fencing to secure construction sites and private property; temporary fencing for residential housing sites; temporary fencing and crowd control barriers for major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings… etc.

We can supply a full range of temporary fencing panels to suit all budgets and requirements, from lightweight trade panels up to Europe’s strongest long-life panels.  

Our temporary fencing systems can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.

Our temporary fencing systems can be purchased outright or leased/hired as required.

Mesh Roll Fencing  

Welded mesh roll fencing is an unobtrusive and cost effective fencing solution suitable for medium level security.

Mesh roll fencing is available from Preston Fencing at 900mm to 3000mm in height and comes with a galvanised or galvanised and colour coated finish.

The system is often used for road and rail-side fencing as well as by commercial organisations needing a mid-range security perimeter.

Mesh roll fencing is welded at every horizontal and vertical section and this construction forms a rigid barrier difficult for intruders to penetrate.

Chain Link Fencing  

Chain link fencing is probably the most commonly used fencing system due to its versatility, convenience and cost. Chain Link Fencing is used for a variety of applications including sports fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, factories, warehouses, etc. When installed correctly using quality raw materials this fencing system can provide strong resistance and prove extremely durable.
Preston Fencing offer chain link fencing in a variety of wire gauges and mesh sizes. Our chain link fencing is made from quality materials such as stainless steel wire and low carbon steel wire.  

This is the ideal low cost fencing system and can provide excellent security without breaking the bank. Preston Fencing also offer numerous peripherals to support this fencing system including barbed wire at the top or bottom of the fence.
Benefits to chain link fencing include that it is a strong, durable and secure structure, it is light weight and easy to install, it can be quickly installed and comes with numerous security enhancements.



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